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random junk post

2012-10-09 11:26:19 by tomtyke

to the theoretical people who still give half a toss about my animation progress, i feel you deserve some answers.
1. i have decided to re-make most of madness activation part 2, as i have been working on some new ways to animate and it yields much greater results, in addition to the earlier parts really showing how bad i was at using my at the time new sprites
2. here is a very old version of how activation looked back in January, It's really old
3. when i was browsing my dumping grounds i found this clip i made when i was bored, and i thought it looked nice it's very bouncy

Still working on my stuff

2012-02-20 09:57:16 by tomtyke

well i'm still making progress, however most of my time is devoted to working out how to use this dam tablet (it's been 3 months and i'm still really bad at it)

what's worse is my animation is having some serious issues letting me animate past the 4500 frame point, with freezing and crashing becoming very common.

so if anyone actually reads this, Colab is dead, im (kinda) still here and so on...

yea, colab's off. I might change that in the future, but i doubt it.

Still working on my stuff

Making a collab

2011-08-20 06:34:00 by tomtyke

well i've decided, i'm going to go ahead and make the collab i've had nestled in the back of my brain for the past 4 months, it's called Madness Courer Colab, and here's the details

basically, theres a box, and this box contains anything you want it to, your character is transporting it, he's attacked and must use it to defend himself, in the most awesome way possible

each entry must have a rough structure
1- character finds box, he might pick it up, take it from someone or perhaps get it from another authors character
2- character is attacked
3- character defends himself, the character opens the box, and pulls anything out, and i mean anything, be creative here
4- character looses box, he may be killed, drop the box or parhaps pass it on to another authors character

if you dont get it here's a short crappy animated guide, remember, this is a guide and you dont have to follow it to the letter, be creative!

-no allready established protagonists, your character cannot be any of the of the krinkles madness characters (this includes lame ass recolouring), it has to be something you made, you can however have krinkles characters attacking yours
-no porn
-no cock jokes

and 30 fps, 500 x 300, any flash version, i'm purchasing flash CS5 within the next 2 weeks when my payslip comes through, no maximum submission length, do what you feel is right, no maximum submissions either, as much as you want, i'm making a menu, and i'll upload when it's done

now how to get in, i've sent some animators i allready know are badass invites, if you didnt get one you can still apply, but i'm going to need a test if you don't have any submissions that match your current skill, to apply PM me
please note, i really dont care about filling all spots, i want quality, not quantity. if there isn't enough submissions i'll pick up the slack myself, i've seen so many colabs that have gotten hammered because of one person who got lazy.

The box sprites for those who need them
feel free to edit it as you see fit, but this general look

1. tomtyke
2. Deathisawesome
3. GrudgyGrunt
4. Tr3Yo (namboi)
5. Elvis
6. peterpeterpet
7. Jeffbee
8. Delamortes

Additional Animators
1. Bosoul
2. KingApple

oh, and the due date for this colab is madness day 2012, thats over 12 months away, i figured i'd put this up before the awesome animators got rangled into new ones (and because if you guys are anything like me then your animating its one of those, "i'll start in 5 minutes" things)

I'm having alot of trouble picking music, so i welcome any suggestions

and i dont give a toss about spelling ;D

Making a collab

well i'm not gona finish this in time

2011-07-13 02:32:17 by tomtyke

the more i work on it, the more i realise how much more needs to be done, so i've come to the conclusion that this isn't going to get finished by next month.

so yea, no madness day for this lil number

as a little sorry gift, here's a screeny

well i'm not gona finish this in time

GrabeL168's colab finished! :D

2011-06-11 08:10:11 by tomtyke

well after a few days of pain, i've finally finished gabriel's colab piece, and i think it might be some of the best animating i've ever done, and thats kinda sad, because im still not happy with it >:|

here's a screeny to taunt you while he compiles all the pieces

sorry gabriel, for some reason i read GrabeL168 as gabriel, meh, it was 1am and i was tired XD

i need new sounds, like really bad D:<
if anyone has any good sound effects could you pm me?

....seriously, i hate the 10 or so sound effects i have, i hate them with great intensity

GrabeL168's colab finished! :D

actually, i might have something

2011-06-06 07:17:08 by tomtyke

well, i had an idea the other day, i've been ironing it out, and i really like how it's progressing, all have left is a test and i'll give it the green light, i'm talking about a little animation series i thought of, and just to tease you guys, here's a picture

why am i telling you this?
simple, it's not going to come out for months and i want to tease you

but seriously, its for feedback, the teasing is just a bonus

and the two colabs i'm doing will probably be the only ones i ever do, seriously, i hate deadlines, i never have time to meet them >:|
after this i'm probably just gona solo my animating, unless mabe i see a colab i really like

actually, i might have something

nothing new

2011-06-06 06:24:21 by tomtyke

because people where complaining about no new posts, i've decided to make a useless post, and to pull attention away from this fact, here's a picture of a WIP

now let me animate =_=

nothing new

madness stuff... again

2011-05-12 08:27:25 by tomtyke

well, my computer is being a MASSIVE ass at the moment, so progress on activation part 2 going EXTREMELY slow, but hey, i have months so im not worrying at the moment, so i figured, i take this guy straight out of the .swf and flash him around.... becuase my backgrounds are currently featuring unshaded/half drawn/half coloured props, so no screeny >:]

madness stuff... again

wow, i have some work to do...

2011-05-05 03:27:40 by tomtyke

well, "finished" part one of nomaron's colab entries, now onto part 2, and also have to work on another colab, and madness activation part 2, oh, and here's some art i did when i was sposed to be animating... yea...

picture link...

if you look at my picture, leave some advice, i need it to get better! >_>

Madness activation concept art

2011-05-03 20:06:07 by tomtyke

Well, I've been working on madness activation Part 2, and now I have made a new character.... I think? I'm not shure if I'll put him in yet...
Here's a link