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random junk post

2012-10-09 11:26:19 by tomtyke

to the theoretical people who still give half a toss about my animation progress, i feel you deserve some answers.
1. i have decided to re-make most of madness activation part 2, as i have been working on some new ways to animate and it yields much greater results, in addition to the earlier parts really showing how bad i was at using my at the time new sprites
2. here is a very old version of how activation looked back in January, It's really old
3. when i was browsing my dumping grounds i found this clip i made when i was bored, and i thought it looked nice it's very bouncy


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2012-10-10 05:20:28

fat pikachu lol

tomtyke responds:

when you're bored, you animate whatever you want


2012-10-12 08:19:49

Cool you're back! Your fbf skills are so great!

tomtyke responds:

great isn't the word I'd describe them with, but its better thank they use to be.
Still, thanks for the compliment, means alot :D


2012-10-13 06:38:14

i found the old versio of activation very good, in fact, its better than the new one, i think you should continue with it! please

tomtyke responds:

I'm probably going to take some scenes from the older one and re-make them or polish, so its not all going to be trashed


2012-10-20 16:02:03

On what I just saw, I can easily wait for another year full of excitement.

tomtyke responds:

hopefully i can get my ideas to work properly this time


2012-10-29 04:20:18

The old version Is pretty awesome. I don't know what's wrong with It.
P.S awesome sprites. Makes the animation much more original. But why are the guns so huge for such small little characters?

tomtyke responds:

i just found it looked more interesting that way


2013-10-29 02:29:49

Ur dead ?


2014-01-01 22:28:35



2014-10-18 12:20:14

ripped in peace