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wow, i have some work to do...

2011-05-05 03:27:40 by tomtyke

well, "finished" part one of nomaron's colab entries, now onto part 2, and also have to work on another colab, and madness activation part 2, oh, and here's some art i did when i was sposed to be animating... yea...

picture link...

if you look at my picture, leave some advice, i need it to get better! >_>


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2011-05-05 08:24:57

i like your new profile picture ''stfu'' :3

tomtyke responds:

lol, thats just at the general crap i recieve from people who hate madness, also, it was a bit of fun :3


2011-05-05 12:40:52

It's important to be good at, and enjoy what you do. :D

tomtyke responds:

he was very fun to make because he began to creep me out as i made his eyes


2011-05-05 13:47:22

The pic looks great, need more details

tomtyke responds:

more detail, got it :)


2011-05-06 19:22:07

youre good at art

tomtyke responds:

i think "good" is too strong a word, im actually not very good at it


2011-05-07 04:27:39

Fucking awesome new banner, lol.

tomtyke responds:

lol, i felt like updating it with my own sprites, and had to put them in! XD


2011-05-08 08:01:19

Do you use macromedia 8 to draw this or are you using another program?

tomtyke responds:

i was using macromedia flash 8 :)


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